Bathroom renovations to increase property value

The bathroom is an important part of the home, and when your home is ready to hit the real estate market, you don’t want to miss the boat and hit the sale price just because you have a “working” bathroom. lifestyle.

Real estate experts say a home without a bathtub will typically sell for 10,000 less than a home of the same value with a bathtub. Perhaps a shower has always worked for your lifestyle and sacrificing some space in your bathroom just wasn’t worth installing a bathtub. Now is the time to sell and consider the cost of adding a bathtub when your home goes on the market so you don’t lose a potential 10,000 on a home sale.

Take this quote from a professional real estate agent at face value, but don’t dismiss it thinking it won’t happen to your home. At the open house, people didn’t notice at first, but when the light came on, they said, ‘There is no bathtub’. idem; I want a bathtub even if no one bathes, just in case.” How Much to Renovate a Bathroom in Ontario this opinion cannot be ignored if you have a bathroom in your home but no bathtub.

There are many different types of bathtubs that need to be installed in your home for sale, and you are probably looking for an economical bathtub because you are looking for a bathtub that will ensure your home gets the best price when it comes to market. wrap around An economy tub from most major lumber stores costs around 300. If you want to make things easy and avoid tile walls or waterproof panels, you can find a bathtub surround suitable for your bathtub for around 200. Remember that this is a basic starting price, as bathtubs can now come in many shapes and styles, and the associated price can go up to 10 times the basic starting price. When shopping, the goal of installing a bathtub over a traditional shower is to increase the value of your property, and a top-of-the-line bathtub will go unnoticed by potential buyers.

Now comes the task of removing the showerhead and fitting the new tub into the bathroom space. Finding a quality contractor to help you with your bathroom renovation ideas can be a great start to ensure things are on track and your home is on the market in prime buying season. If you save a few bucks and try this project yourself, it may cost you more in the long run, but with a little care, it’s doable. Local building codes must be considered and followed when remodeling a bathroom. Often, prospective buyers enlist the help of professional home inspectors to inspect their homes. Contractors will usually be more than happy to help you get an accurate price for your labor costs so that you can finish your bathroom, bring it to market, and finalize the sale. bathroom update.

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