What did Chris Rock Twitter say? Best thing you know

Twitter is a powerful tool, Chris Rock Twitter and Chris Rock know it. Over the years, he’s used the platform to share his thoughts on everything from politics to movies to music. And on Sunday night, he had some ideas about Twitter itself. In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, Rock said that he doesn’t use Twitter because it’s “too fast for my liking.” So what did he mean? Rock thinks that Twitter is too fast to process and respond to comments.

This isn’t the first time he’s voiced this opinion; in 2013, he said that Twitter was “a waste of time because you can’t even understand what people are saying half the time.” Rock has spent much time thinking about how Twitter works and how users use it. He believes it works better when it’s slowing down for him. That might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s his opinion.

Chris Rock Twitter account was hacked last night, and some pretty NSFW tweets were sent out.

Chris Rock’s Twitter account was hacked last night, and some pretty NSFW tweets were sent out. 

“I’m so glad I’ve never had to be in a gay wedding. That would be hella stressful.”

“If I shaved my head, would you call me ‘Captain Hairless’?”

Some of the tweets are pretty funny, like this one where he says that he might have to retire because he’s getting too old for this s***

As the comedian, actor, and creator of “CHiRK & MiLi,” Chris Rock begins to announce his retirement from stand-up comedy; he takes to Twitter to share one last wisecrack.

“I might have to retire because I’m getting too old for this s***.”

Some of the tweets are more serious, like this one where he talks about how election season is depressing and how we’re all just pawns in a game.

Chris Rock’s Twitter account was recently hacked, and some of the tweets are more serious, like this one where he talks about how election season is depressing and how we’re all just pawns in a game. He also mentions Bernie Sanders a few times, which may or may not be because the hacker is a Sanders supporter.

Rock also mentioned Donald Trump several times, mostly about his jokes about the candidate. For example, one tweet says, “Donald Trump is a racist, sexist xenophobe who has repeatedly attacked our country. #DumpTrump” Another tweet says, “Can you believe that this fucker is running for president? I can’t! #NeverTrump”

It still needs to be made clear who hacked Chris Rock’s Twitter.

On July 20, comedian Chris Rock’s Twitter account was hacked, and some racist and homophobic tweets were made. The tweets have since been deleted but not before being captured and uploaded to various websites. In one tweet, Rock called Obama a “racist n*gger,” In another, he said, “I just hope Obama catches the AIDS that took my cousin from me.”

Twitter has yet to release a statement on who is behind the hack, but it’s still unclear. Rock has since apologized for the racist and homophobic tweets, claiming they were done without knowledge or intent. Twitter has also suspended his account pending an investigation.

What did Chris Rock Tweet

On October 17, Chris Rock took to Twitter to announce his new comedy special, “Chris Rock: Tamborine Nights.” The comedian shared a few jokes from the unique and gave fans.

In one tweet, Rock says he’s still trying to figure out why women like him. “Maybe it’s because I listen to Metallica, or maybe it’s because I can quote them from memory.”

Rock also revealed that the special will be filmed in Amsterdam and that he’ll be performing material from his new album, “Tropic Thunder.” He also announced he’d be touring throughout the United States to support the album.

Fans can check out more of Rock’s tweets by following @chrisrock on Twitter.

What are the Comments on Chris Rock’s Tweet

Chris Rock’s Tweet garnered a wide range of reactions, with some users agreeing and others disagreeing. Some people praised Chris for his humor, and others found the tweet offensive.

Many people found Chris’s tweet hilarious; some even called it genius. Others disagreed, finding the tweet offensive and racist. One user wrote, “I’m not sure what Chris rock is trying to say, but I don’t think it’s clever or funny.” Another user wrote, “Chris Rock @chriscrockit is an ignorant racist idiot.”

The Rundown of What Chris Rock Tweeted

Chris Rock’s Twitter account is always full of hilarious and clever tweets. In honour of Black History Month, here are some of his best tweets about race:

1) “I’m from the planet Earth. The rest of you are from other planets.”

2) “I don’t know about y’all, but I’d rather be a n***** than a slave.”

3) “Racism is like gravity- it keeps pulling us together.”

4) “It’s hard being black. All these stereotypes, all this racism… every day can be a battle.”

What the Tweets Mean for His Career

Rock’s announcement on Twitter surprises many, as he has been relatively silent lately. However, given his support of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries and his outspoken political views, it’s not surprising that he would want to get involved in politics further.


Chris Rock tweeted about the current state of America and what he thinks we should do about it. You can read them below: Twitter: ChrisRock “It’s not America that’s being stupid, it’s us that are being smart enough to let Trump be president. We didn’t fire voting machines, and we fired our brains! It was like letting Hitler win the election! We were too busy getting high on democracy! And now we got Ebola! We need Obama back as our leader because at least he knows how to talk to people without yelling!”

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